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GIPHCC Upcoming Meetings

Congratulations to new Esprit de Corp Hall of Fame winners:  Gary Bynum, Mike Kavanaugh, and Steve Richards of Plumbers Supply Indianapolis.

Upcoming Meetings:

May 28 – Golf Flyer, Eagle Creek Golf Course – note the new date!  Now a Thursday!
June 16 – Baseball outing at Indianapolis Indians
July/August – No Meetings
Sept 18 – Indiana PHCC State Convention
Oct. 21 – TBA
Nov. 18 – TBA

Thanks to everyone who made our Vendor Fair on March 11th a success.  Check out the pictures:


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Featured Contractor

Fite Lebo web

Bill Fite, Fite Plumbing: GIPHCC Contractor of the Year

Bill Fite started his plumbing career at the age of 17 at Paul E. Smith Plumbing. He was encouraged to apply for a helper position by his Uncle Tim, and began to pursue his career as a licensed journeyman plumber soon after.  His grandfather Edward Fite had established a plumbing company years before but the company did not survive after his grandfather passed away.  Years later, the name “Fite Plumbing” was inspired by the original company his grandfather had established.
Bill and Lisa have three children (Erika, Zach and Logan). Their family is growing with the addition of a son in law, a daughter in law and two grandchildren (Cora-8 months, and Landon-1 month).  Bill’s strengths include his faith in God, his devotion to family, his strong work ethic and his self-discipline and determination.

Bill has always maintained that plumbing was more than a job but career and an art.  Bill has mentored and taught many young helpers to become great plumbers over the years.  Bill would agree that one of the best comments he received came from a young plumber Bill had employed for many years.  This young man told him “you not only taught me how to be a plumber, you taught me how to have a good work ethic and to take pride in the work I do”. His devotion and dedication to plumbing is why Fite LLC Plumbing is still growing and expanding.