Congrats GIPHCC Member CH Mechanical

The January 2016 issue of PHC News features CH Mechanical as their East Coast Contractor Spotlight.  Dan Canter and Charles Holden are owners of the Indianapolis company.  Read the article here.

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Start the New Year With Us

denny_212x160The GIPHCC will meet on Wednesday, January 20th at Primo’s at 11:30 a.m.  Guest speakers will be Andy Smith and Denny Smith of The Mutual Fund Store.  They will talk about business succession from each of their viewpoints.  Michael Copp, PHCC-National Association EVP, will be on hand to talk about what is new at the National Association.  Please make your reservations via email to Ann Booth at  Cost is $25.


Join us for the November Luncheon

The next GIPHCC meeting will be on Wednesday, November 18th at 11:30 a.m. at Primos Banquet Center in Indianapolis.  Guest speaker will be Jeff Gallagher.   Topic is Legionella.

Each year an estimated 56,000 to 113,000 people are infected with the Legionella bacteria according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Estimated fatalities due to Legionella are around 4,000 annually.

Legionnaire’s disease is a severe, often lethal respiratory infection, caused by the Legionella bacteria. Waterborne pathogens like Legionella rank among the top causes of outbreaks in public water systems in the U.S. Legionella bacteria are found in the environment, usually in warm, stagnant water-in domestic potable water plumbing systems, dental equipment, cooling towers, hot water tanks, decorative fountains, and pools and spas.

Cost: $25 per person
Please send in your reservations to Ann

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Join us for October Luncheon

John Bain 2015GIPHCC will meet on October 21st at Primo’s South, 2615 E. National, Indianapolis at 11:30 a.m.  Guest speaker will be John Bain, RT Moore, who will speak on Attracting New Talent to the Industry.  John is Chairman of the Indiana PHCC Workforce Development Task Force and will discuss the website and how it is bringing potential employees to GIPHCC members.  Contact Ann Booth via email ( to reserve a seat at the luncheon.  Cost is $25.

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Enroll Your Apprentice Now

Summer has just begun but the Fall school term will be here before you know it.  If you are bringing on a new apprentice and enrolling him/her in Mechanical Skills you need to contact the school and get the ball rolling now!  It takes time (and paperwork!) to get the apprentice licensed and enrolled in the program.  Call (317) 352-1189 today.  Take the first step that will lead to a licensed, professional journeyman on your team!

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GIPHCC Upcoming Meetings

Jan. 20, Andy Smith and/or Denny Smith, 2nd generation, transitioning the business
Feb. 17, Current Health Care legislation, Federated Ins.
March 9, Vendors Fair
April 20, Associates’ Appreciation Night, dinner meeting
May 19, GIPHCC golf outing, Eagle Creek
June 16 (Thursday), baseball game/picnic, Pawtucket Red Sox  5:15 picnic time
July/August no GIPHCC meeting
Sept 23, Indiana PHCC State Convention, Belterra Resort

Past meeting photos and news:


Congratulations to new Esprit de Corp Hall of Fame winners:  Gary Bynum, Mike Kavanaugh, and Steve Richards of Plumbers Supply Indianapolis.

Upcoming Meetings:

July/August – No Meetings
Sept 18 – Indiana PHCC State Convention
Oct. 21 – TBA
Nov. 18 – TBA

Thanks to everyone who made our Vendor Fair on March 11th a success.  Check out the pictures:


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May 15, 2014 Golf Outing Results

On a cold May 15th, the fearless GIPHCC golfers set out to have a great day of fun and friendship.  The putting contest $10 prizes went to Brian Lebo, Dave Seamon , and Dave Nance.  Closest to the Pin was won by Wayne Williams.  Longest drive honors went to Jim Curry, Jim Barry, and Joe Anthis.  First prize team was the Barry team: Joe Rosinski, Brad Beeson, Mike Thayer, and Jim Barry.  Second place was the Wahl’s Custom Plumber’s team of Adam Wahl, Jeff Grey, Brett Gard, and Miggy Cabrera. Last place was Par None: Dave Heffner, Dave Nance, Keith Smith, and Brad Crawford.

We truly couldn’t have done it without your help and support. The following companies helped make the day a resounding success:

Central Supply:  the luncheon and 2 beverage carts

Restorex: awards presentation and Closest to the Pin

Plumbers Supply:Longest Drive and Putting contests

Hole Sponsors:  Ciriello Plumbing, MMI, Rocchio Kiley Insurance, Indianapolis WinSupply, Citizens Energy Group, Aspinall Associates, Inc., Ashworth-Train, Federated Insurance, JEBCCO Marketing, Co.

Flag sponsors:  Winthrop Supply, Diversified Sales Group, Heffner Plumbing, P-M & Associates, K2 Plumbing, Central Supply, Plumbers Supply

Flag/hole sponsors:  Viega, Schuler Plumbing, Ferguson Enterprises, Spears Manufacturing, Barry Co., Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, P.I.P.E.

Teams:  Indianapolis WinSupply (4 teams), Winthrop Supply, Carter’s My Plumber, Wahl’s Custom Plumbing, Plumbers Supply, Ferguson Enterprises, TOP Marketing, Aspinall Associates, Inc., P.I.P.E., Citizens Energy Group, Barry Co., Lee Supply, Central Supply, Farm Bureau Insurance, Par None, Federated Insurance, and Amerestore.

Additional thanks go to Dye’s Walk; Joe and Todd, the beverage cart drivers; Amerestore and Becky Adams for the great prizes and tv.

Also a heartfelt thank you to retired board member Vicki Garrett for all her help organizing and spearheading this yearly event.

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Bill Fite, Fite Plumbing: GIPHCC Contractor of the Year

Bill Fite started his plumbing career at the age of 17 at Paul E. Smith Plumbing. He was encouraged to apply for a helper position by his Uncle Tim, and began to pursue his career as a licensed journeyman plumber soon after.  His grandfather Edward Fite had established a plumbing company years before but the company did not survive after his grandfather passed away.  Years later, the name “Fite Plumbing” was inspired by the original company his grandfather had established.
Read More.

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Plumbing Code Training

A class on the 2012 Indiana Plumbing Code will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at Primo’s Banquet Center, 2615 National Avenue, Indianapolis from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m.  Registration is required.  You can register online here.

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Our Next Local Chapter Meeting

The Greater Indianapolis PHCC chapter will hold its January 2013 chapter meeting at Primo’s South, Indianapolis on January 16th at 11:30 a.m.  Guest speaker will be Denny Smith, Mutual Fund Store, speaking on the current economic market.  Denny has been a resident of central Indiana his whole life.  He was born here, grew up here, was educated here, and has been a businessman here for nearly 40 years.  In short, his heart and soul are part of central Indiana and he is deeply passionate about sharing and debating the issues important to our way of life here in Indiana.   Denny, who works with The Mutual Fund Store in Indianapolis, is a graduate of Speedway High School and Marion College, and completed coursework at Boston University’s Institute of Finance.  He is a Registered Investment Advisor who has also earned the designations of CRPC® (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) and CMFC® (Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor) from the College of Financial Planning.   Before opening his investment business, Denny owned and operated a well-known local plumbing company.  He also directed the multi-state plumbing operations of a national mechanical firm.  He is a licensed Master Plumber and a licensed Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor.  He has always been in the business of business and finance, and for many years he has been a speaker and instructor nationwide for both business and investing.

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