Our Mission


Greater Indianapolis PHCC (GIPHCC) is one of the largest PHCC locals in the state with 44 contractor members and 49 associate members.  We have 8 monthly meetings, mostly luncheons at Primo’s South, with pertinent speakers and tabletops.  In addition, we have the annual GIPHCC golf outing, a summer social outing (Indiana Downs or Indianapolis Indians outing) and a Christmas social event.  Our meetings have topics ranging from code enforcement to financial planning.  We have an annual business meeting at which we install our new officers and name our GIPHCC Contractor of the Year.  For the past several years we have sponsored a Vendor Showcase where associates can display their products and services.  GIPHCC has established a Hall of Fame for associates partners called "Esprit de Corp" and those individuals are honored at our Annual Business meeting. We also participate in community outreach.  We have collected coats for Wheeler Mission and collected food for the local food pantry.  Over the years we have various charities—United Way, Riley Hospital, Wounded Warriors, the Luke Mehringer Memorial Fund, and Brandon’s House.

GIPHCC Mission Statement

Our mission is to inform the public of the importance of using a licensed plumber.  The primary ways that the GIPHCC works to achieve this mission are by our ads on SKYTRAK, license plates, and this website. SKYTRAK In 2005 GIPHCC began its involvement in the Channel 13 Skytrak advertising program.  Over the ensuing 9 years, 25 GIPHCC companies supported the program financially.  The program provided GIPHCC and the "Use A Licensed Plumber; It's the Law" slogan with public awareness.  In the early years the videos produced by GIPHCC featuring Eugene Schuler as the Handyman and Laura Ciriello-Benedict were popular tv spots.  The program ended in January, 2014. License Plates Another of GIPHCC’s projects to get the licensed plumber/PHCC message in front of the public, at least subliminally, has been to pay for logo license plates which are given away at the monthly meetings.  It is another way to keep the PHCC name in the forefront with the public when they see these plates on contractor trucks.